One of my recent major mistakes has been to register online for this sweepstakes. As a result, I’m bombarded on a daily basis by at least three e-mails which require an exorbitant amount of time to move through.

Some of these e-mails call for me to do nothing more than perform a simple search, while others require number selections for lotto-style games. Still others present a variety of items, magazines, plants, etc, for me to browse through in the hope that I’ll make some kind of a purchase.

Sure, I could just ignore these, delete them in a split-second. But, what if one of these is my ticket to winning five thousand dollars a week for life?

They’ve now begun to send me e-mails to alert me that they’ll soon be sending me additional opportunities via snail mail.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to make this stop!

Maybe I’ll start a support group for others in this situation.

….Care to sign up?





  1. OMG!!! I can SO relate…the trouble is, you never win! For years the emails and packages from PCH have invaded my snail and eventually my email. A couple of times I attempted to enter just for the sake of “maybe” it will be me who wins…oh yeah right!!! It takes forever to figure out where to paste what stamps and what do you send back, WITHOUT ORDERING but merely to enter the contest to win. Its made that way so some of us will just say, OKAY I’ll order something, which in reality is the reason they kill all those trees. Usually before I reach that point I’ll get frustrated with the attempt and do what I should have done in the first place..simply toss the package UNOPENED into the trash! Now that is exactly what I do, toss the snail mail into the trash without opening it and delete the emails. Eventually (perhaps?) they will take me off all their mailing lists..well one can live in Just my way of saying I TOTALLY RELATE to this post Mr. F.

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